Touch Me Tuesday: 6 Things You Should Avoid When Falling In Love (Pt. 1)

Okay, here’s another throwback to my Jolie Magazine Column days. These are just the first three that appeared in my column in May of 2008. I’ll post the remaining three next week.

We fall in love, and sometimes we fall in love a bit too easily. That’s not a bad thing. Sometimes you just have to love ALL OUT and take your chances at where it might lead. Just look at the following as street signs on your road; urges of caution as you press the “pedal-to-the-metal”, so to say:

1)      Being Too Honest Too Fast

There’s nothing more significant to the setting of a foundation in a budding relationship than honesty through communication and one’s actions. A good deal of this comes naturally while getting to know one another. When your heart is open, so are many other parts of your body, particularly your mouth, and you often feel the need to share all of your thoughts, opinions, and experiences. But the revealing of your life should happen in stages. You do want to share information about yourself so that your new love gets to know who you truly are. But no one needs to know absolutely everything about you on Day One. Many people can’t handle that much truth. So, leave a little mystery, gauge what can and cannot be shared, and give this bulb a chance to bloom!

2)      Trusting Too Much or Too Little

Without trust, true love will never prosper. In a world of slight-of-hand magic tricks and misinformation (when’s the last time someone spoke of WMD’s inIraq), you’d like to believe that your new love would not intentionally deceive you. So when he/she says someone of the opposite sex is ONLY a friend, you’d like to believe this to be true. But experience (and the unrestricted opinions of nosey friends) has taught you that lies abound in new relationships, and it’s easy to be suspicious of things with which you’re not completely comfortable. When it comes to love, though, you have to be willing to trust that person completely…but don’t be anyone’s fool! An old cliché says, “Time reveals all things,” while baseball legend Satchel Paige once said, “Love like you’ve never been hurt.” Don’t let your experiences keep you from trusting your new love, because the truth won’t hide forever and you’ll learn all you need to know in time!

3)      Losing Focus on Life Goals and Objectives

There’s nothing more distracting than a kiss! Thoughts of a great kiss can make you forget the concept of time, have you day dreaming at work, and wake you out of a sound sleep. The freshness of the new love that often accompanies that kiss will have you all turned around like walking through an Iowa cornfield. Many of the issues that bore great significance in your life may no longer feel as important, and the plans you once held for your future means little if your new love can’t be somehow incorporated into those arrangements. That’s not a good look! First, the person you are with should be encouraging of the goals you’ve set for yourself and be willing to work around them in the development of your relationship (be weary of selfish loves).  Second, recognizing that you are not on the same path that you once were, when that new love turns old, can be as disheartening as the loss of love itself.