Good Vibes: The Art of Appreciation

I was observing a summer program middle school class in Baltimore last week, and the day’s theme was “appreciation”…what it looks like and how one shows it. The students’ answers varied greatly and many were hilarious. But the depth at which some of the students expressed appreciation for others was especially touching.

Shelly B Interviewing Carolina Music Award Nominee, Ryan Daniel

I began to think about what ways I show my appreciation. Not just to my loved ones and close friends, but to general people I come across. Like the driver who let me merge in front of her in traffic when no one else would, or the pedestrian who said ‘bless you’ in response to my startlingly loud sneeze. A simple wave of the hand or ‘thank you’ should suffice in those types of scenarios. But what about expressing appreciation for those people who actually go out of their way to do something extraordinary for the betterment of others?

And not just because it’s their job. But because it’s in their heart!

I received a big, ol’ hunk of that Saturday night as I hosted a Media and Business Networking Event in Raliegh, NC. The event was powered by DeVaNy Entertainment in conjunction with the 4th Annual Carolina Music Awards.

“4th Annual?!?!”, you say? Didn’t even know such a thing existed, didja?!?!

Well, it does…and what better way to show your appreciation for all of the independent artists that call the Carolina’s home than to have a special weekend celebrating their gifts, skills, passions, and talents. No one was left out. There were artists there representing Hiphop and R&B, of course. But there were country singers, rock bands, producers, and even models, who were nominated to receive an award, in attendance.

Part of my hosting duties was to bring each nominee to the front of the room and introduce them to the crowd…even give them a lil’ time to shine and explain what they were all about to the members of the audience. What struck me most, during these interactions, was how humble just about each artist was and how “grateful” they were to be nominated. Believe me, to an artist, there’s no greater feeling than to know that so many people appreciate what you do, and you come to appreciate those fans, in turn.

Remember, these are “indie” artists…people (like me) who sell their cd’s from the trunk of their car…or simply give their music away in the hopes that people will just listen. Even if what they do doesn’t necessarily feed their pockets, showing them how much their talent is appreciated definitely feeds their spirit.

And I appreciate my boy, Ted Moffatt (half of DeVaNy entertainment), for allowing me to take part in the festivities.

And I appreciate You for taking the time to read this…thank you!