Touch Me Tuesday: Who’s More Likely to Cheat

Alright…enough about former-Governor Terminator cheating and fathering kids outside of his marriage to that Kennedy offspring, Maria Shriver. Be for really, if anyone understands extra-marital affairs, it’s a Kennedy!

Generally speaking, people cheat like it’s sport! Why is it soooo surprising when someone famous gets caught? Is it that the cheater was supposed to maintain some sort of “moral high ground” because they are in the spotlight, or should they have had the resources to hide their cheating better?

Moonman-The-Wise always says, “Everyone cheats…in their lifetime.” This includes emotional infidelity as well as physical. I can’t say he’s wrong and I can’t say he’s right. What I do know is that people often cheat simply because the opportunity presented itself and they believed they would not be found out.

With that said, let me pose a few questions:

-Is it true that the more attractive someone is, the more likely they are to cheat?

-Who cheats more: someone who is insecure or someone who is confident?

-What are some traits of your average cheater?

-What mistakes do people make when cheating that gets them caught?

-If presented the opportunity, what personal controls do you have in place to hamper your likelihood to cheat?

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  • Tex the Luscious

    (May 24, 2011 - 6:34 pm)

    Who cares what a man does in his own bedroom on his own time? Why do people who are NOT affiliated with the live this man lives all heartstruck and crestfallen? Same thing with Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, et al. Look man, if the best you can do in your life is put another man on a pedestal(you dont know nor have ever met), and model your life after his then you should be ashamed. The person you see on TV is just that “a person on TV.”
    And even more, I m tired of the magnifying glass. If we were to examine the lives of all of these downtrodden and disillusioned fans we would see much more humiliation that should be brought to bear.
    Finally, I could give a frosty frozen damn. The only shame with bearing children is if you do so willingly while unable to financial bear the cost of the creating, having and raising these children. To the best of my knowledge Arnold nor Shaquille nor Puff Daddy seem to have a problem doing that. So save the frog faces for the trip to Quebec.

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