Touch Me Tuesday: The Importance of Finding Closure

The other night on “Moonman and The Fun Bunch”, Moon told us a story about this woman he knew who had an illicit affair with her own father. I will share the details of this story at a later date. But at the conclusion of the story, Moonman said that no matter what relationship she entered into for years after their (I hate to judge, but some things truly are sick) inappropriate affair ended, the woman still had a thing for her father. In order to ever have a fruitful relationship, she would eventually have to find some sort of closure with what she and her father shared.

Today’s Touch Me Tuesday topic is about the importance of finding closure:

How important is it to bring closure to a relationship?

Why is it that we sometimes don’t want to find closure to our relationships?

What if you suspected that your significant other (S.O.) wasn’t completely over their ex; how would you suggest  that they find closure or would you terminate the relationship with your S.O.?

How would you find closure with your ex if you’re already in another relationship? How would not finding closure effect your current relationship?


  • I say close one door first before you open another one. I don’t like dating men who still have issues/strong feelings for an ex. You can’t be afraid of letting someone go b/c you’re afraid you’ll lose them for good. If I’m dating a guy who hasn’t achieved closure with his ex girlfriend, then I’d want us to take a break while he figures it out. If he never comes back to me or if I find someone else in the meantime, then he and I were never meant to be. Closure is important!

  • I make it practice to not move to another relationship when I still have strong feelings for another. If I am pursued to no end (avoidance) I am honest that I have baggage that I need to take care of. If the gentleman still wants to date me then it’s at his own risk. Sometimes he can win my heart away and if the connection was strong that it will take time, then I will end the new courtship until I get myself together. However, I know I’ve found closure with a past love when I can allow my heart to see them happy with someone other than me and it doesn’t cause my heart to ache. Then I know I can move forward and allow my heart to be open to love.

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