The Frustrations of a So-Called Renaissance Man

I have a great many interests.

You would think this normal for the average human being. Life isn’t stagnant, and neither should be ones sense of curiosity and pleasure in discovery, development, and growth.

But as a “creative type”, having so many interests can be a source of endless frustration. The lists of interests I would like to explore, in depth, would bore you. But know that there are many…most of which take a great deal of study and practice.

In other words…TIME!

And there just isn’t enough time in the day. I already work full-time, I’m in grad school full-time, and sell my own creations on the weekend as a vendor at Eastern Market, in Washington, DC. Even at the Market, I’m often multitasking, making leather items with my hands while selling and maintaining conversations with the many friends who stop through to chat. In the evenings, when I’m not in class, I’m either studying or preparing items to complete over the weekend at the Market. And my pre-employment morning hours are occupied with my daily workout regimen at the gym.

And don’t forget about the monthly television show taping.

Did you hear anything about writing in the above situation, even though, when asked what I do, I say that I am a writer? Nope. And I haven’t published a book of mine in over six years.

So, where’s the time to learn how to play a musical instrument or take on a second language? I need time for both lessons and practice. Excess time doesn’t exist on this plane.  Where’s the time to travel? Where’s the time to join the improvisational acting troupe? Where’s the time to interview other creative types about their particular art?

Being a “creative type” demands sacrifice. I’ve already given up radio, abandoned several relationships, rarely see my friends and family, and made other concessions in the pursuit of creative fulfillment. And I am proud of the few things I’ve been able to accomplish on this journey. But there’s so much more to the life I see for myself…a life that would make me an even better well-rounded person. In order to do that though, I need to explore, discover, participate, continue, and advance.

When will any of that happen?

Only time will tell…